All Art is But Dirtying the Paper Delicately

“Never forget that all these people are primarily a visual people.
They are designers, window dressers, models, photographers, graphic artists.
They design the windows at Saks.
Do you understand?
They are a visual people, and they value the eye,
and their sins, as Saint Augustine said,
are the sins of the eye.
And being people who live on the surface of the eye,
they cannot be expected to have minds or hearts.
It sounds absurd but it’s that simple.
Everything is beautiful here, and that is all it is: beautiful.
Do not expect anything else,
do not expect nourishment for anything but your eye—and you will handle it all beautifully.
You will know exactly what you are dealing with.”

Andrew Holleran, Dancer from the Dance


So many people know me in my professional & social life as hard, cold, calculated, aloof, solitary & strange. I find it amusing that for the most part, my private, emotional & sensual dealings with people don’t overtake the energy equilibrium in my life.

I have been approached many times throughout the years of my life for sexual & sensual healing or relief. Often, people aren’t consciously aware of doing it.
Within my own boundaries & space, I choose to interact with the person or not.

Many people question why I do the things I do.
Many people find it unhealthy, unfaithful, morally or socially questionable, and so on.
Many people have told me that to flaunt sexuality, or to reveal the body is cheapening or disrespecting the Feminine as a whole.

I disagree.
I fundamentally believe in my power within the female form.
I believe in my right to be comfortable with my body.
My body truly is my temple.
I believe in my right to adorn or uncover my temple as I see fit.
I believe in my right to allow whoever I choose to see any part of my body.
If female nakedness intimidates you, feel free to walk other paths.
Nudity is Natural.
Body shame is not tolerated in any form.


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