OriginS – Nəgəstä Nəgəst

Nigiste Nigist – “Empress Regnant” (nəgəstä nəgəst) (In Her Own Right) “Queen of Kings”.

Empress Zewditu (reigned 1917–1930) was the only woman to be crowned in Ethiopia ‘In Her Own Right’ since ancient times. Rather than take the title of Itege which was reserved for Empress-Consorts, Zewditu was given the feminized version of Nigusa Nigist to indicate that she reigned in her own right.

She was accorded the dignity of Girmawit (Imperial Majesty) and the title of Siyimta Igzi’abher (səyəmtä ’əgziabhēr, feminized “Elect of God”).
She was commonly referred to as Nigist (Queen).


I, with my public writings & the way I conduct my private life will take back the title of Nəgəstä Nəgəst, and will hold myself to such standard.

There is no one person who rules over me, and I rule no one.
I have a code of ethics, values, morals, roles, and responsibilities for my kingdom.

I also have room for dreams, ambition, social projects, knowledge-gathering & debate.

I suppose more will follow, but I found these points, from A. C Grayling, who seems to be a pretty interesting fella.

I’ve added the paragraphs after each point, adding how I personally feel about the matters.

  1. Love well
    This does not mean love outside of your comfort zone.
    Loving well is about truly experiencing moments with whatever is the attention of your energy or love. Giving yourself fully to those moments and being open to a new, deeper, or more rich experience.
  2. Seek the good in all things
    Try not to judge based on first assessment. Look for things others would not see. See through people’s words, into their intent. Try to add benefit to their reality. Do not damn tragedy or hardship. Your best weapon is laughter. Bitter laughter is the sweetest salve for pain.
  3. Harm no others
    All life, from rocks to cells, is sacred.
    Do not kill, except to defend, or to eat.eeb6d04ebece51181ba5888200dd1154
  4. Think for yourself
    Exercise & utilization of the brain is integral to growth.
  5. Take responsibility
    There are many things beyond our control that happen in this universe, however, you are your own walking Will & Word. When you shirk responsibility, place it on someone else, or attack others in order to avoid it, for whatever the reason or cause, you are damaging your character.
    When you take responsibility, it is owning who you are, which is ultimately a favorable outcome for everyone.
  6. Respect nature
    Nature was here first. I adhere personally to Natural Laws. If you do not respect Nature, it will not respect you, and thus, you will deliberately choose to cut yourself off from an integral relationship.
    You cannot be in a relationship with anything you do not respect.
  7. Do your utmost
    There is a saying, ‘God does not give you any more than you can handle.’
    It’s true. When it is difficult, come talk with me. I’m absolutely horrid at advice, you won’t feel much better, but I’m lovely at wasting time.
  8. Be informed
    A smart brain is a well-read brain, and those who don’t know history and all that..
    I am a voracious reader, I adore others who are as well.
  9. Be kind
    Always. Manners are underrated and seldom used long-term.
    Be extra-ordinary by being a decent human being…it works.
  10. Be courageous
    Sometimes the best way to manage fear is to wrap it up and stick it in a back pocket. It’s up to you to decide which situation is beyond your abilities, however. There is a large difference between having courage, and making plain stupid mistakes.


Come back for more soon, would you?
We’re just getting started, and the Empress has many secrets to share.



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