Hide Not your Talents, They For Use were Made

When someone is talented at something…the arts, sciences, mathematics… we encourage and celebrate their work. We lift them up, praise them, support them & are proud of the things they have learned and accomplished.

However, when a woman has a talent for sex & sensuality work ((we’re going to come up with a better term for that soon)) we consider her broken or flawed in some way.
We demonize, belittle & insult her work. We tear her down, make her feel worthless or cheapened, We equate sex workers as being used, thus no longer see a ‘special’, ‘unique’ or ‘sacred’ woman.


I used to feel this.
I certainly used to internalize it.
After being abused as a child, and then abused as a young woman, I internalized that if I was seen as ‘too sexual’, or ‘too easy’ I would be abandoned by men entirely. This is when my child-like innocent act shines. I have had many sexual partners, but each one is told ‘I’m not very experienced’. I have found this to inflate the ego of men, as well as making them more relaxed and open to my sexual responses. Men are much more invested in a sexual relationship if they feel like they are teaching a woman to be more in tune with their bodies.

While the facade of inexperience is usually emotionally fulfilling for me personally, I suppose I have picked the wrong partners for physical fulfillment… It’s always curious to me when a man says he loves pussy, but only spends twenty minutes with his head buried in one.

I am currently entering a phase of life in which my fulfillment will come first.
I will no longer put on masks and costumes in order to enjoy my sensual nature.
I am imbued with natural sensuality, eroticism & sexual energy, and that does not make me cheapened, it makes me a living woman.
They are talents, and I will use them with pride.



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