I Kissed a Mystery, It Tasted Like a Woman

Mystery is always the key in any budding relationship.82ad15cb9fc84269d06abfa792e34d53

Whenever the mystery is lost, passion seems to wane. Lust, desire, thrill…they are all lost like puffs of smoke once you begin unwrapping your prize.

Things like habit, ego, & character nuance start leaking everywhere and suddenly, your ‘perfect catch’ becomes unpleasantly realistic….the Worldly Genius reveals a drinking habit… the Quiet Artist has a terrible temper…the Young Model lacks ambition…

One starts to drift into the memory, relishing the hours spent in deep conversation, spent twisted rapturously in bed-sheets, spent tasting new flavors & experiences with an equally-curious partner.

Why does familiarity breed such contempt?
I won’t pretend to know, but it is precisely why I no longer subject myself to ‘being owned’ in a long-term relationship type setting.
I have never found myself anxiously trying to escape a monogamous relationship, but ultimately, I have found myself feeling disrespected for my desires, chastised for my curiosity, and shamed for expressing interest in exploring my sexuality in safe settings.

While enjoying life as a single woman, unbound by monogamy, the men I have met have never reduced me to a few compartmentalized pieces.
When I meet men as an independent woman, I am treated with respect, and my potential is never frowned upon or argued with… I am seen as whole, strong, and in control.
Why would a woman ever want to give up her power in order to become lesser or even ‘just so’, in the eyes of another?

In an ideal relationship, two humans meet each other in open-minded curiosity.
They do not make judgement or punish, nor try to gain power positions over the other.
It is thoroughly a pleasant meeting of two minds, both parties filling the garden table with delight, pleasure, discovery, and general goodwill… Neither party gluttonous or shrewd.
Man should delight in woman, and woman in man.
((or woman in woman, man in man, whatever your fancy, indeed.))

Both parties should feel more fulfilled, more sated & more in love with life itself for the meet. If not, why bother at all?


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