There is no Love sincerer than the Love of Food

Sex & Food.
So often paired together, and quite appropriately.c5e91fbca91d48a3902f4e3b9794b152

To consume.
To consummate, devour, lick, suck, slurp, nibble, bite.
To eat.
To taste.

Aroma, flavor, texture… I wonder if some ‘sex addicts’ are merely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choice in experiences…

There are foodists, may there be humanists?

Men & Women devoted to mapping the ingredients of bodies…do our flavors change from place to place?

I know the flavor of men is different for each… some men have been cool water, sating my thirst…some have been black licorice and ginamos… but each has been a meal I have feasted upon and drank deeply of. I relish putting my mouth to skin, sucking a vacuum of nerve and tingle, licking a wash of flush and heat…I often tell my men they are delicious. They are.


Many of my fantasies involve heady debates in velvet-and-taffeta-draped rooms…places with smoky scotch, finger food & heavy tomes lined floor to ceiling.

Places I can be mentally bested by a masculine beast, a drooling Alpha fully aware of the meal he makes of me. I want to be eaten, devoured, consumed, tasted, delighted in.

I tend my gardens very well.
I would absolutely adore a man who could properly pick my peaches, a man who knew just what brand of sugar and bourbon to use to sweeten me up, a man with a hot enough oven to roast me in….Oh, to be food!



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