Doing It, Better

I was asked to speak on two topics that concern me within the porn industry.
This is less a blog post as it is a reference to my own personal opinions.
Thank you,


The sexualization of youth is a big problem in society.
Especially now, in light of SESTA, stories of trafficked children, ICE losing children in the system, etc… Now, more than ever it’s important that the sex industry is seen taking a strong stance against illegal/underage content, as well as marketing their product in a way that is NO DOUBT for adult consumption.

Screenshot from 2018-05-31 14-29-21

Looking at this first image, we see three entire categories catering or alluding to the idea of a performer that has not fully matured.

‘Teen’, ‘Amateur’, and ‘Old & Young’ categories are industry-standard labels for content that displays young or new performers, which reinforces the desire for a pornography market involving or exploring the sexualization or exploitation of youth. An argument can be made that on some pornography sites, ‘Amateur’ can be used as a category for content created by ‘the average citizen’, but looking at the second photo, we see there is already a category for ‘Homemade’, which seems to allude to that type of porn already… why the repetition, if not to allude to younger/’virgin’ content with ‘Amateur’?
Secondarily, most thumbnails show women who’s looks skew younger… there is very little age diversity among this group.

Screenshot from 2018-05-31 14-28-55

When it comes to modern sexual issues, the fight for accurate representation within porn by Trans, Queer, PoC, and other marginalized groups has been at the forefront of our industry for years.
The fact that clipsites continue to market or label trans porn as ‘Shemale’ and ‘Tranny’ when, for YEARS, it has been pressed that those terms are slurs against trans people, is deplorable. The fact that plus-size performers have spoken tirelessly against the inaccurate & humiliating use of ‘BBW’ as a label in the industry, yet remain ignored is reprehensible.

There will always be someone who argues for the simplicity of labels.
It’s ‘easier’, or ‘people are used to doing it this way’.
However, in an inclusive, reasonable, enlightened populace, we would not have issue with acquiescing to the desire & needs of the people who provide us the material we wish to consume.


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